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Tips for preparing your RV for winter.

  • Inspecting the outside of your RV before storing it during the winter can save you a lot of money come next spring.

    Check the following:
  • Check around all antennas and plumbing vents
  • Make sure all vents and skylights are in good condition. Summer heat can cause vent lids and skylights to become very brittle.
  • Your roof should be sealed along with any other seams. This should only be done using the proper sealants, NOT SILICONE.
  • Exterior of windows, doors, trims and corners should be inspected and sealed if necessary.
  • All-In One adhesive sealant caulk made for exterior is a good choice for the sides of your trailer.
  • Water System:
  • Winter weather often freezes water systems and can cause a lot of damage. Follow the steps below to protect your plumbing during the winter.
  • Drain all water lines and tanks. This can be done by opening up your low point drain valves along with all faucet valves, hot and cold.
  • Be sure to pull the anode rod/plug on your hot water heater.  If the anode rod is corroded, replace with a new one & all water filters should be drained as well.
  • The Best way to insure that you get  all water out of your system is to blow the water lines out with a compressor. We have blow out plug adaptors that make the connection. Blow about 50lbs of air continuously through as you open and close all fausets and drians. Don't forget the Toilet and out- side showers!
  • P-traps under the sink and shower should be filled with a little anti-freeze. This can also be added to the toilet bowl.
  • Furnace:
  • The best thing you can do to ensure that your furnace will operate the next time you need it is to install insect screens over the exhaust. Come fall, mud daubers and wasps tend to look for a place to hide-out during the winter. Keeping these bugs out will save you a lot of time and money in the future. Screens are a one time installation.
  • Batteries
  • There are a few simple things that you can do prior to storing your RV for the winter. Fill batteries with water.
  • Clean all terminals, completely charge all batteries.
  • Disconnect from positive and negative leads. (this should not be done if your RV will be plugged into shore power during storage)
  • Continue to charge batteries every month throughout the winter.
  • Removes moisture from the interior of RVs during storage.